Tips, Tricks and Etiquette for the Trackside!

Here at Celine Victoria, we highly value elegance, glamour and of course personal style! Headwear fashion aside, there’s nothing worse than being underprepared for the races.Whether you’re a loyal member or a newcomer, there is always so much to remember when you’re planning the perfect day out. 

(David Jones Runway @City Square [MSFW] 2012: Chalk pink pastel paired jacket to match the headpiece)

If you’re a Melbournian, you already know what the springtime weather can be like here! If not, we’re here to inform you that Melbourne is a city where you can experience all four seasons within a day. Not to fret, dresses are very versatile. You should check the weather forecast before your planned day out, but there’s no harm in bringing along a blazer or dress-coat to compliment your outifit (just in case).  An overcoat might even add that extra flare to break up the colour coordination of your outfit to match with your hat or fascinator. If you do find out that there is a chance it will be cold on your planned races day, wear a pair of nude stockings with closed-toe shoes, nobody will know the difference! Duly note that milliners pieces are rarely waterproof. We guarantee the dye used to produce our colourful products will not run, but no one wants to see wet feathers! So unless you have access to a marquee, take an umbrella with you for the occasion! 

(Photography by Justin McManus: The champagne is said to flow in the bird cage this year with Crown set to join the Birdcage party at the Melbourne Cup)!

The spring racing season prides itself on sophistication and style. First of all, ladies remember that a day out at the races is the prime opportunity to bring back that admirable essence of vintage glamour! We’re talking flowing dresses with lower hemlines, floral details and distinctive prints, (or if you’re really game enough, why not try a matching pantsuit)?! Also, try to avoid tight, low-cut, figure-hugging dresses that have the tendency to ride up. The duration of the day can often be long, so you’ll want to pick an outfit you’re comfortable with wearing as well. Speaking of which, year after year, women make the mistake of choosing sky-high stilettos. All we can say is beware! Opting for wider heels or ideally wedges will prevent you from sinking into the grass all day (and potentially losing a shoe for that matter)! Last but not least, please refrain from taking your shoes off! The races aren’t like a day at the beach regardless of the picnics and taking your shoes off is ultimately frowned upon. So if you want to steer clear from disproving looks, we recommend you select some comfortable footwear!

Above all else, have fun preparing for and planning your outfit, picnic and day out this Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival. If you plan ahead, play it safe, and go easy on the champagne, you’ll be sure to have one of your most memorable events this year!